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What is it with bands and only playing London?
Panic! at the disco are playing 3 dates in London in October, My Chemical Romance are doing a one off gig before Leeds/Reading in London, Brand New are only doing one date this year, in London, and Panic! are doing a secret gig in a few weeks, in London.
It is just getting stupid.
I'm getting to the point where I'm nearly crying about how unfair it is.
Yeah, fair enough, London is the capital, but how hard is it to do more than one date? Or at least vary it?
Especially for Panic!, why isn't their secret gig somewhere else other than Londons, seeing as theyre playing three dates in October.
It is getting the the point where it is simply riduculous.
I am now told that Taking Back Sunday are doing a warm up gig, yet again in London.
I am sixteen years old and I live in Manchester. I am too young to travel to London on my own and you'd have thought with Manchester (arguably) being the second capital of England, that at least one band would play up here?
I'm not even asking for bands to play just Manchester, rather than London, but simple to do one of two gigs up here.
Also, most signings are down south.
I can't even remember the last time a decent band did a signing anywhere near manchester.
I know I'm not the only fan who finds it difficult to get to gigs because they're always in London.
I'm just getting sick of it, I have friends who live near London who get to got to many many more gigs than I do, because bands rarely play up North.
London isnt actually any bigger than Manchester, Manchester is larger because of greater Manchester and all the suburbs, so you can't argue that there are more people.
I just think it is starting to get beyond unfair.
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